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High quality special needs walkers for patients of all ages

Urgoform provide premium special needs walkers to assist the livelihood and physical development of patients suffering from a disability. When it comes to the quality of life of someone with special needs, it is essential that they have access to functional assistive devices that fulfil their individual requirements. Our range at Urgoform is broad and caters to a wide range of ages and levels of support.

Special needs walkers offer patients significant benefits to their everyday life including independent movement, increased mobility, strengthened balance and the ability to practice physical activity, among many others. Walker devices can help the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of those with disabilities, therefore it is incredibly important to find the right one.

Not only do special needs walkers promote the physical development of people with disabilities, but they have been proven to positively impact individuals’ relationships with those around them, such as family members, friends, carers and mentors. With the support of special needs walkers, patients feel an increased level of self-esteem, which causes them to be more confident in social interactions and in professional environments, such as schools or the workplace.

Some of the products that we currently offer clients across Australia include the Meywalk Walker, suitable for individuals that require a high degree of support, the MyWay Walker, equipped with a stability harness, and the lightweight Nurmi Neo, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We also stock the Nimbo Posture Walker, and the range of Rifton products including the Rifton E-PacerRifton TRAM and the Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer. Whether your disability condition is minor or severe, we at Urgoform have the quality products for you.

To learn more about our range of special needs walkers for patients of all ages and disabilities, please contact our highly experienced team of staff today. If you are a carer for an individual with special needs and are unsure on which device is best suited to your patient, we will happily provide you with our expert opinion and point you in the right direction. We greatly look forward to hearing from you soon.

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