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Our range of patient lifting slings for Geelong clients

Patient lifting slings play a key role in keeping people safe and comfortable during transfers in a range of settings including homes and hospitals.

Whether patients are moving from a bed to a shower, toilet or wheel chair, Urgoform has a range of high-quality equipment that allows for a dignified, respectful move where safety is paramount. And that’s exactly what every patient deserves.

At Urgoform, our staff have years of experience in the healthcare industry. We supply a large range of patient lifting slings and want every client to find the best product for their needs.

These slings, which attach to mobile lifting devices, are game changers when it comes to patient care. They wrap around the patient’s body, keeping them safe, secure and well supported during transfer. While they significantly reduce the risk of injury to the patient, they also help protect carers and nurses from back injury and other lifting-related health problems.

So what factors do you need to consider when selecting the most appropriate patient lifting slings for your loved one or patients? It’s well worth talking it through with our expert staff, who can advise on the best slings for people of all ages, needs and circumstances. From children to adults, we’ve got you covered with our well-designed slings from leading manufacturers.

Extensive sling range at Urgoform

Our range of patient lifting slings includes:

  • Amputee Slings that are specially designed to comfortably provide body and head support for people who have had one or both of their legs amputated. Material options include polyester or mesh. Internal padding protects pressure areas, providing added comfort for patients during transfer;
  • The Care Sling, which also comes with head support. It’s a top option for general toilet transfers;
  • Deluxe Leg Sling that offers high-level support to a patient’s hips and thighs. It comes in a range of sizes;
  • Hammock Sling, which provides great lower back and trunk support without subjecting the patient’s thighs to pressure. It is popular for safe lifting from beds and floors;
  • General Purpose Hygiene Sling, which comes in mesh or fabric;
  • Pivot Sling, a top option for safely lifting patients on and off beds;
  • And the Invacare General Purpose Paediatric Sling, which is made of mesh, comes in three sizes and is  well suited for children and small adults.

If you would like to know more about Urgoform’s extensive range of patient lifting slings, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on 1300 369 096. You can also visit the Urgoform store at 18B Tarkin Ct, Bell Park, in Victoria.

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