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Find your freedom with Mountain Trike

Do you have a love of the outdoors but never quite found the all-terrain wheelchair that could take you where you really wanted to be Whether it is fly fishing, summiting tough terrains, soft sandy beaches or fresh powder snow, the Mountain Trike or eTrike will assist you to find your freedom.

Mountain Trike – lever drive all-terrain wheelchair

The Mountain Trike uses proven mountain bike technology and a lever drive system that allows you to independently propel, steer and apply hydraulic brakes whilst maintaining clean, dry hands whatever the conditions. Plus many features can be customised including an eKit which can convert the Mountain Trike into the eTrike.

Direct steering is applied by turning a joystick located on one of the drive levers and each drive lever independently propels one of the main wheels.  A third wheel at the rear of the chair offers stability, hydraulic brakes give all-weather control and three independent shock absorbers offer comfort and safety over rough and uneven ground.

The Mountain Trike can also be re-configured to other variants of the Mountain Trike – see our other product pages for a detailed spec of these options. This offers greater flexibility for everyone. The one frame can be adapted to suit a child so that the Trike grows with them into adulthood, making it a great long-term purchase.

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To book a trial or better understand which Mountain Trike is for you, call Urgoform on 1300 369 096 or enquire online.

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