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Nurmi Neo

Popular walker (“gait trainer”) because of its robust, durable, easy to use, lightweight and highly maneuverable design- both indoors and outdoors.


The Nurmi Neo is designed for everyday use at home, school or on the go; this is the solution for kids with mild to moderate conditions who can walk, but need a little extra support, especially those whose gait is improving and want a walker that will grow with them.

Great standard features (including easy folding) and accessories help make the Nurmi Neo “just right”!



Going the distance

A light-weight frame still supports a high load, making it easier for your child to move (and for your to fold and transport) without giving up any stability and support.

A wide variety of accesories help to customize the Nurmi to suit the child’s size and abilities — and even color choices!

The posterior position can make it a little easier to engage with the world, getting a little closer to the fun.

When friction is a good thing

The back wheels can be equipped with a friction brake – for those times when a child needs to slow down for obstacles around them and adjust to their individual learning curve.

Support in the right spot

Pads provide added support and protection for your child. The pads help your child maintain an optimum position when they become more mobile and independent.

Good things in a small package

The lightweight Nurmi Neo can be folded, making it easy to fit into the boot of a car.


Technical data Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Max. load capacity 25 kg 40 kg 55 kg
Overall width 630 mm 680 mm 720 mm
Overall length 650 mm 760 mm 830 mm
Grip height (standard grip bars) 450–570 mm 580–720 mm 640–850 mm
Distance between grips (standard grip bars) 410 mm 460 mm 510 mm
Wheel diameter, front/rear 150/150 mm 150/200 mm 150/200 mm
Total weight 5.5 kg 6 kg 6.5 kg


Mastering everyday life: 24-hour concept

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