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Metzeler Pressure Care Mattress

The Metzeler Mattress provides the perfect night’s sleep. Incorporating patented Rubex technology, the mattress provides superior comfort and support offering optimal pressure distribution, ventilation and spinal alignment.

Durable reinforced mattress edge

Reinforced foam edges assist carers and physios with patient transfer, while minimizing the potential for rolling back into or off the mattress.

Multizone support system

The core of this mattress has a unique tubular structure that is zoned to support the spine and provides optimal pressure redistribution.

Waterproof & breathable cover

The waterproof and breathable visco-elastic cover assists with moisture management, while being easily removable and washable up to 95°C.

Optimal temperature management

The tubular structure and a choice of soft or medium foam castellated overlay on top and bottom of the inner core provide optimal horizontal and vertical cross-ventilation thermo-regulation needs.

Environmentally friendly design

Unlike most foam mattresses made from petroleum byproducts, Metzeler mattresses use natural, non-toxic materials like sunflower oil and other environmentally-friendly alternatives.


Rubex Duo Cell Patented Technology

Rubex Duo Cell consists of approximately 50% small and large pores. The large pores reduce pressure and the small ones provide soft pressure support. It also provides excellent air permeability and moisture transport to help create a constant bed temperature. The foam reacts only to body pressure providing constant support over a wide temperature range (-5°C – +40°C.)


  • Durable reinforced mattress edge: Reinforced foam edges for transferring on and off the bed which assists carers or physios with clinical care and minimises potential for rolling back into or off the mattress.
  • Multizone support system: The unique tubular structure in the core of this mattress is zoned to support the spine and has optimal pressure redistribution properties.
  • Waterproof and breathable cover: Visco-elastic waterproof and breathable cover aids moisture management. It’s also easy to remove and washable up to 95°C.
  • Optimal temperature management: The revolutionary tubular structure, together with a choice of either a soft or medium foam castellated overlay across the top and bottom of the tubular inner core provides optimal cross ventilation horizontally and vertically for thermo-regulation requirements of your clients.
  • Environmentally friendly design: Most foam mattresses are derived from a mix of petrochemicals which are biproducts of refining petrol or gasoline. The Metzeler mattress is manufactured from natural, non-toxic, non-petroleum-based materials, including sunflower oil and other environmental materials.


What sizes are available?

The mattresses are available in single, king single, double, queen, & split queen, and in soft or medium firmness.

Who is the mattress best suited to?

The Metzeler mattress offers optimal comfort and support for individuals with a disability, including those with Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders, post-surgery or cancer treatment, and conditions that may impact thermoregulation such as CP, MND, and MS. Moreover, it provides exceptional comfort and quality sleep to those who haven’t had success with standard static foam or alternating air mattresses.

Does the mattress have a warranty?

All Metzeler mattresses come with an eight year warranty.

How does the mattress maintain or support mobility and function?

The reinforced edges make it easier to get in and out of the bed. The vertical tubes also provide stability when repositioning the body.

What makes the Metzeler mattress different to other medical foam mattresses?

It is the only static mattress to offer vertical and horizontal pressure support. This is achieved through an outer layer of castellated foam which assists air flow and reduces positive resistance. It also features an inner core with two different tube types (firmness). This provides even pressure distribution, supporting the natural curves of the spine.

What is meant by multizone system and what are its benefits?

The mattress contains 7 zones of differing firmness to correctly support the body and provide optimal pressure redistribution.

Given the mattress is foam, is it hot? Does it increase sweating?

Metzeler’s patented Rubex tube system optimises ventilation, breathability and enhances thermoregulation. Heat and moisture are transferred through and out of the mattress providing a healthy microclimate between the mattress surface and client’s body.

Is the mattress environmentally friendly?

The Metzeler mattress is made from natural non-toxic environmentally friendly raw materials. The main component is sunflower oil.

Available Sizes

Mattress Size Firmness Dimensions Product Code
Single Medium 900x2000x180mm 729595-ADM090
Single Soft 900x2000x180mm 732758-ADS090
King Single Medium 1050x2000x180mm 729611-ADM105
King Single Soft 1050x2000x180mm 732757-ADS105
Double Medium 1350x2000x180mm 721972-ADM135
Queen Medium 1520x2000x180mm 721970-ADM152
Split Queen Medium 760x2000x180mm 721967-ADM076



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