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OSKA Aria Series 4-V3 Mattress

Innovative pumpless pressure care mattress.


The OSKA ARIASeries4-V3 is an innovative pressure care mattress. The air mattress is pumpless.

  •  Suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including category 3.
  • The pressure relieving foam topper helps reduce shear providing the patient with immersive support and comfort.
  • The Series4-V3 contains more than 800 independent articulating foam cells that redistribute pressure, whilst also reducing heat and skin moisture.
  • Air cells react instantly when the patient is re positioned, to equalise the pressure areas.



Aerolite™ is a highly responsive foam with micro-climate properties which allows the air to flow through the foam keeping the body cool and dry. Good micro-climate management is important in preventing pressure injuries from forming.



The Offloader™ function can be used to suspend the heel for ‘zero pressure’ making it suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of heel injuries up to including category 4.

Oska Mattress - Offloafer™

Heel Relief Slope

The mattress is crated with a delicate with a decline at the foot end. This assists in the prevention of pressure injuries in one of the most vulnerable areas on the body.

Oska Mattress - Heel Relief Slope

Fire Evacuation Base

In the event of a fire, the mattress can be used to assist in evacuating the patient with the unique and innovative evacuation system. Simply pull out the straps and secure the patient to the mattress using the velcro fasteners. Handles are located on the end of the mattress for safe moving of the mattress.

Oska Mattress - Fire Evacuation Base


Designed to significantly reduce shear and friction which often leads to tissue damage. The base foam remains in position on the bed frame, whilst the top moves with the user.

Oska Mattress - Anti-Shear

Waterfall Flap

It is concealed by fluid resistant extra long waterfall flap and when opened, gives access to confirm that fluids have not permeated the cover and damaged the foam. Inspection control is maintained for handles.

Oska Mattress - Waterfall Flap


Ultimate Mattress Cover

Pressure Relief

V-Guard technology mattress covers are designed to significantly reduce pressure injuries. The formulations reduce friction and help disperse moisture, both of which are major contributing factors to the formation of pressure injuries.

Oska Mattress - Pressure Relief

Patient Comfort and Durability

V-Guard technology mattress covers are designed to provide comfort.

  • Multi-Stretch
  • Breathable: the moisture vapor transfer or “breathability: properties of V-Guard technology help improve patient comfort.
  • Offers exceptional durability without compromising comfort.
Oska Mattress - Patient Comfort and Duarbility

Infection Control and Cleaning Regime

V-Guard technology mattress covers incoperate infection control and anti-decubitus characteristrics. The mattress cover provides an impenetrable barrier to viruses and bacteria. To clean, wipe down with warm water and mild detergent. If required the cover can be machine washed.

Oska Mattress - Infection Control


V-Guard technology mattress covers meet the latest legislative requirements including:

  • DecaBDE and Halogen free
  • Reach and ROHS complaint
  • Biocidal Products Regulation complaint
  • Flame Retardent Cover
Oska Mattress - Legislation

Technical Specification Summary

V-Guard technology mattress covers boast an outstanding collection of technical properties that have been developed to make them the ultimate mattress covers for your organisation.

  • Hydrolysis resistance > 1 year
  • Excellent resistance to active chlorine
  • Anti-decubitus
  • FR to BS7175 Crib 5 / Crib 7 variant available
  • Autoclave resistant
  • Dry cleanable
  • Washable to 95°C
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal treated
  • HF Welded
  • WPR >5m (water penetration resistance)
Oska Mattress - Technical Specifications



Standard Sizing 88 x 200 x 18cm
Bariatric Size 120 x 200 x 14cm
Max User Weight 230kg



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