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Total 9500 Bariatric Mattress

Bariatric Mattress pressure care mattress for up to 500kg.


The Bariatric Mattress provides care, pressure relief and comfort for bariatric patients weighing up to 500kg. Through the use of proven foam combinations, unique construction methods and high performance cover materials, this mattress is the fitting choice for clinicians and facilities looking to achieve comfort, longevity and effective patient care.


4-Layered Graded Pressure Care Core

  • High specification foam for longevity and performance.
  • Provides graded postural support and patient comfort.
  • Foam conforms to AS/NZS 4088.1 (Int): 1993 and FMVSS302 & SAE T2002.
  • Anti-microbial treatment applied to foam maximises longevity and core micro-climate.
Total 9500 Bariatric Mattress - 4-Layered Graded Pressure Care Core

Premium Visco-Grade, Upper Immersion Layer

  • Visco-elastic cell structure provides low-shear surface, effective immersion and interface pressure relief.
  • Provides exceptional comfort.
  • Delivers postural support for patient repositioning and transfer.
Total 9500 Bariatric Mattress - Premium Visco-Grade, Upper Immersion Layer

Premium Postural Support Secondary Layer

  • Graded support and patient comfort in supine, prone, lateral and fowler positions.
  • Excellent core stability to encourage centralised patient positioning to minimise falls risk, entrapment and enhance pressure relief.
Total 9500 Bariatric Mattress - Premium Postural Support Secondary Layer

Layered Firm Base

  • Provides protection against ‘bottoming-out’ during transfer, repositioning and whilst in the inclined/fowler position.
  • Graded for ultimate patient support.
Total 9500 Bariatric Mattress - Layered Firm Base

Triple Section, Split Base

  • Enhances profiling with adjustable bed surface positions minimising excess strain on bed mechanisms.
Total 9500 Bariatric Mattress - Triple Section, Split Base



Standard Sizing King Single: 1960 x 1050 x 175mm
Extra Wide: 1960 x 1150 x 175mm
Double: 1960 x 1350 x 175mm
Queen: 1960 x 1480 x 175mm
SWL 500kg
Warranty 2 years



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