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Adaptive Technologies is a division of Urgoform established to research, realise and create the full potential of advanced controls and driving aids for powered wheelchair users.

We recognise that when we engage with a client to prescribe a powerchair, to them it is much more that a piece of equipment; it is often described as an extension of their being and the gateway to a more independent and fulfilling life. Having realised a significant opportunity to improve the lives and freedoms of our clients through the application of customised driving controls, we put the skill of our in-house powerchair technician to the test to develop prototypes.

Years of development and testing with several powerchair users has culminated in a range on innovative solutions that are unlocking remarkable potential in independent driving and control capability, even in cases where it was considered impossible!

To learn more about Adaptive Technologies and what’s possible call 1300 369 096.

Technology for Lives

Remote Switching Applications
Proximity Sensing Driving Controls
Adaptive Driving Controls
Customised Driving Control Systems
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