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Sovereign S7 Advance 250kg Mattress

The Sovereign S7 Mattress, designed for skin integrity and safety, focuses on mobility, pressure, microclimate, and shear. Developed over years with clinical input, it’s Forté Healthcare’s most advanced foam surface, offering unmatched support and comfort. Tailored for high care needs, the S7 features a reversible foam layer and customizable covers, catering to High Risk clients weighing 30 – 250kg.


  • Cover Options: Luxury Homecare and Premiflex Ultra Waterproof covers for comfort and suitability.
  • Mobility Support: Ultra-High Rebound Foam for easy repositioning without compromising pressure care.
  • Pressure Redistribution: Airoform memory foam gel for targeted support and pressure relief.
  • Enhanced Microclimate: Ventraflow® technology for optimal air movement and temperature balance.
  • Customizable Comfort: Reversible Airoform layers for personalized comfort and temperature regulation.
  • Shear and Friction Reduction: Anti-Shear Layers and Compartmentalised Design to protect skin integrity.
  • Safety Features: High-support foam edges for safer transfers and repositioning.
  • Heel Slope Design: Integrated slope to alleviate pressure on the heel area.



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