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The benefits of premium patient handling equipment

Premium patient handling equipment is vital in having a safe platform to handle and move a patient, providing them with the best care that can be provided.

At Urgoform, the team have been providing top notch service with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. In bringing people the highest uncompromising quality and dependability, you can only imagine the benefits of having premium patient handling equipment that is made to last by excellent suppliers.

Specialising in not just individual care in the home, premium patient handling equipment by Urgoform can also be used in hospitals as a safe way of transferring patients in many situations including from bed to the shower, to the bathroom or into a movement-oriented piece of equipment such as a wheelchair. Our care is able to enhance patients sense of comfort and dignity, reduce risk of injury and dangerous damage to body, as well as help carers/nurses safely and easily move patients.

At Urgoform, the team have a diverse range of equipment including:

  • amputee slings
  • care slings with head support
  • deluxe leg slings
  • ramps
  • pivot slings
  • heavy duty lift equipment.

One of their major premium products is the Alto Lift MKII 200 is a medium sized heavy duty mobile patient lifting hoist with a safe working load of 200 kg and a compact ergonomic design. The product is ideally suited for institutional use or as a compact heavy duty home care hoist for the bariatric patient. Its features include electric leg adjustment, standard feature, battery life indicator on lifter as well as handset as well as emergency stop buttons.

To learn more about how Urgoform can help you and your situation, please don’t hesitate to give the highly trained and trustworthy staff a call or visit us at 18B Tarkin Ct, Bell Park VIC 3215.

The team look forward to hopefully having a positive effect on your lives.

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