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Momo Therapy Bicycle

The therapy bicycle for more balance, coordination, and stamina.


The Momo Therapy Bicycle is the bike for a pleasant trip around the lake. Depending on how steady the user is on the bike, the training wheels can be adjusted from rigid to very soft spring settings; this way the user can easily train their balance and optimise coordination and stamina.

The Momo Therapy Bicycle features a diverse range of accessories for optimum support and equipment for individual needs; Momo Therapy Bike Script


What the Momo Therapy Bicycle can do:

  • For extra safety:
    There are two brake systems (from 16“ frame upwards) consisting of rim and drum brakes.
  • For individual therapy:
    The training wheels can be adjusted from rigid to very soft. Rigidly set, they initially convey security and confidence. Set very soft, they easily balance out corners and provide enough driving power even on unpaved surfaces.
  • For individual equipment:
    Handlebars are available in many different versions; saddles are available in various designs and sizes; pedals can be individually configured.
  • For comfortable and independent access:
    Has a low access level as standard.
  • For more variety:
    Various accessories and equipment can be specified, including: Handlebars, saddles, foot pans, headrests and various drives – from a rigid gear to 3-speed hub gear with reverse option.
  • For an individual drive:
    Available with variable user drive support; from a rigid drive via a 7-gear freewheel brake hub, right up to electric assistance.


Data 12“ 16“ 20“ 24“ 26“
Pedal to top edge of saddle 30 – 38 cm 42 – 57,5 cm 50 – 64,5 cm 59 – 76,5 cm 71,5 – 87,5 cm
Pedal to top edge of saddle 33 – 41 cm 45 – 60 cm 52 – 68 cm 61 – 84 cm 73 – 95 cm
Saddle support tube to front tube 33 cm 39 cm 45 cm 53 cm 58 cm
Wheelbase 64 cm 76 cm 89 cm 104 cm 112 cm
Full length 99 cm 122 cm 148 cm 168 cm 178 cm
Access point height 16 cm 18 cm 20 cm 22 cm 23 cm
Full width 43 cm 52 cm 62 cm 71 cm 76 cm
max. load 35 kg 50 kg 65 kg 100 kg 100 kg
Weight 10.5 kg 13 kg 15 kg 18 kg 20 kg
Specs may vary upon configuration. 



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