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Extra support and ease of use.


ISA – Invacare Stand Assist. The new Invacare ISA is a fully adjustable and ergonomic stand assist lifter that is ideal for community and residential care settings. Offering a natural pattern of movement, it creates a safer, more comfortable, active and efficient seated to seated transfer for elderly and disabled people. The ISA assists carers with its intuitive operation, ease of use and manoeuvrability; with lower leg support, and extendable lifting arm, and ergonomic hand grips.

Designed around the need for usability, the new ISA has a reduced, curved overall base dimension and reduced product weight. In many cases, the caregiver may be a family member, and therefore the ease of use is imperative. Dismantling this product can be done without any tools, and thus transportation can be achieved fluidly.

ISA features many options and accessories to adapt the lifter ergonomics to the user’s body shape and dimensions.


• Significant range of adjustment to fine tune the ISA – flexible adjustment through the nine positions of the ‘TelescoLift’ lifting arm allows the ISA Stand Assist to be tailored to the needs and morphology of the person being lifted.  This gives Healthcare Professionals much more scope in assessing for and achieving an active, comfortable sit to stand for transfer of rehabilitation.

• Sling Hook Design – A new ergonomic hook design allows the loop on the sling to be attached with just one hand. A wider hook makes positioning loops easier, whilst the hook’s nose has been designed to prevent slings sliding out unintentionally, reducing the risk of injury.

• Ergonomic Push Bar – The ergonomic design of the push bar makes handling and manoeuvring easier. Thanks to the increased depth of the handles, carers can work with comfortable arm extension during transportation activities.

• ‘ErgoSupport’ lower leg support – Offering a wide range of heights for lower leg length, soft padding and articulation that moves with the motion of the lift.

Speaking at the launch, Invacare’s Marketing Manager for Lifestyle products, Lisa Cook said:
“What sets the ISA Stand Assist apart from many other similar, compact, homecare type products is the use of ergonomics to help the person being lifted achieve a natural pattern of movement.  This helps to engage relevant muscles, creating an active transfer and therefore helping to maintain a greater level of independence and aid rehabilitation.”




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