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Pivot Care Sling

Correct Positioning and Extra Comfort.


Pivot Slings are required for use with Pivot Frame attachments. The slings are manufactured from polyester fabric or mesh (suitable for bathing). These slings allow the patient to be lifted in either a sitting or lying position, ideal for lifting on and off a bed or the floor; this sling provides easy removal of clothing for toilet transfers. The unique pivot with anti-lock at the end of the boom allows the whole frame to be rocked back and forward to assist correct positioning of the patient. The frame spreads the sling attachment points to ensure the patients hips are not excessively flexed, avoiding the discomfort obese patients sometimes experience with standard slings.

Warning. Pivot Slings must not be used on any attachments other than the Pivot Frame.

Features & Specifications

Six sizes in fabric or mesh;

  • The sling provides easy removal of clothing for toilet transfers.
  • Recommended for general toilet transfers for the less secure patient.

Pivot Care Sling



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