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Find wheelchairs for Children with disabilities at Urgoform Move in Geelong

If you are a parent with a child that has a disability, you will understand that having high quality equipment that supports their individual needs and improves their quality of life is absolutely vital. We at Urgoform Move pride ourselves on offering such equipment, including highly specialised wheelchairs for children with disabilities in Geelong and surrounding areas.

Our range of wheelchairs for children are designed to provide solutions to a wide variety of individuals with disabilities. The primary wheelchair we recommend for clients is the Quickie disability power chair, which comes in various models. Quickie wheelchairs are highly durable, made from the latest technology and are intended for advanced performance in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Not only are the Quickie wheelchairs for children renowned for their stability and comfort but they can be specially customised to the child to ensure optimum support. These powerful pieces of equipment reduce daily obstacles and significantly improve the lives of those struggling with serious disabilities. They are truly essential.

Some of the wheelchair variations available for clients in Geelong and surrounding areas such as the Surfcoast and Bellarine Peninsula include mid-wheel powered, front-wheel powered, rear-wheel powered, standing wheelchairs, heavy-duty and much more.

Our Geelong team are highly knowledgeable on these wheelchairs and can help you determine which specialised equipment is best for your child, ensuring that all of their needs are met. We can provide you with competitive pricing and take you through an in-depth demonstration on how to use and manoeuvre properly.

To learn more about our range of specialised powered wheelchairs for children with disabilities of a wide variety in Geelong and surrounding areas, please get in contact with at Urgoform Move today on 1300 369 096. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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