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Choosing The Right Medical Bed For Your Home

When a specialised bed is required in the home setting, you want a solution that will provide the client the support and care that they need, while being aesthetically pleasing. Our collection of homecare medical bed products allows you to do just that.

Urgoform offers three key bed options from the iCare range, available in various sizes to suit the needs of the patient and caregiver including long single, king single, queen, and king. Our range of medical bed products include:

  • The IC111 Homecare Bed: Lowest risk mobility option, perfect for clients who want a simple medical bed to treat patients. This product comes with a head lift, knee break, 200kgs working load, rechargeable battery, breathable mattress, backlit handpiece, mattress bars for the side and end of the bed, a 5-year limited warranty, a fixed height base of 37cm, and two colours to choose from; Onyx and Stone.
  • The IC333 Homecare Bed: Our most durable and professional medical bed that features a 300kgs safe working load, lockable heavy-duty castors, unlimited under bed clearance, risk reduced design, a 10-year limited warranty, and a breathable mattress. This option is ideal for the critical patient, someone who is bed-bound and with a long-term condition.
  • Our last medical bed option is the IC555 Bariatric Bed. Similar to the IC333, this product is premium quality and comes with a 10-year warranty, strong working load, professional mattress, adjustable height, and an external rechargeable battery. This model comes only in the king single option and is suited ideally to patients struggling with obesity.

When choosing a medical bed for a home setting there are various features to consider prior to purchasing. It is important to think about what the patient requires, their condition, what kind of treatment or recovery they are enduring, as well as the strength of the caregiver.

Another consideration to think about when choosing a medical bed is the Trendelenburg feature; available in both IC333 and IC555 models. This feature allows the bed to be tilted so that the patient can lie with their lower body above their head. It can help with recovery from certain surgery and can be advantageous for patients with particular heart and respiratory conditions.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, industry-leading products, and competitive prices. Contact us today on 1300 369 096 to enquire more about our range of medical beds for home care. We can answer any of your questions and direct you to the right product to suit your circumstance. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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