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Tri-Lock™ Rotating Shaft

Operates with smooth and precise action.


Versatile Tri-Lock™ Rotating Shaft

The versatile Tri-Lock™ Rotating Shaft reduces the play of joystick mountings at the end of the Midline arm. Operating with smooth and precise action, it locks into three positions at 0, 90 and 240 degrees allowing for driving, vertical lock and table access modes.

The Bodypoint difference is in the details:
  • Compact, high strength and tough enough for daily use, the Tri-Lock™ Rotating Shaft changes easily from locked to independent settings.
  • Made of anodized aluminum, the internal flip-stop mechanism enables disengagement from a locked position by simply pressing the end of it.




Black Anodize Aluminum


Ø19mm (3/4 in) shaft X 390mm (15 3/8 in) long


0° horizontal driving position
90° vertical locked position – press end to disengage
240° full rotation, moved out of the way for table access

Internal flip-stop allows conversion from non-locking to locking. 0° horizontal position becomes locked. Press end to disengage.



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