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Midline Arms

Lightweight, cuttable, easy to fully swing away.


Versatile, lightweight Tri-Lock™ midline arms

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, Bodypoint midline arms can be easily cut to a perfect fit with the user in the chair, and support up to 13.6kg (30lb.) of communication device, phone, tablet and joystick weight. Choose the arm style that best meets user needs: straight, J-shaped or L-shaped. Made of satin finish stainless steel, they can be mounted over lap trays, above or below armrests, in driving position or over the shoulder on chin-controlled systems.



PC031 (J-shaped arm)
36cm (14 in) long
11cm (4-1/2 in) high
13cm (5-1/4 in) short lengh
Ø12.5mm (1/2 in)
Satin finish stainless steel

PC032 (L-shaped arm)
36cm (14 in) long
19cm (7-5/8 in) high
Ø12.5mm (1/2 in)
Satin finish stainless steel

PC033 (Straight arm)
36cm (14 in) long
Ø12.5mm (1/2 in)
Satin finish stainless steel



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