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Total 9300 Mattress

Bariatric Mattress clinically evaluated pressure care mattress for up to 300kg.


The 3 Layer Mattress is a clinically evaluated pressure care mattress. High quality premium grade foam is used in all 3 layers, graded lower, mid and upper core. This graded 3-layer construction has strengthened sides to enhance mattress stability. The heavy duty PVC base provides a durable base to promote cover longevity and minimise wear caused by mattress sliding on bed base. Further research & development has enabled us to develop this pressure care mattress for bariatric patients, with a SWL of 300kg.


Visco-Grade, Premium Upper Immersion Layer

  • Alleviates localised pressure points.
  • Provides maximum contact with patient for distribution of interface pressure.
  • High temperature stability to deliver consistent immersion, performance and comfort.
  • Visco-elastic cell structure provides low-shear surface and immersion.
Visco-Grade, Premium Upper Immersion Layer

Profile Stabilising Sides

  • Enables ease of primary patient care.
  • Facilitates patient care.
  • Unique hinge points allow mattress to easily conform to varied bed positions.
  • Encourages central patient positioning.
Profile Stabilising Sides

Triple Layered Core

  • Premium grade mid level, provides open cell high quality foam.
  • Provides exceptional comfort and postural support for repositioning and patient care.
  • Foam conforms to AS/NZS 4088.1 (Int): 1993 and FMVSS302 & SAE T2002.
  • Anti-microbial treatmnet applied to foam maximises longevity and core micro-climate.
Triple Layered Core

Firm Base Layer

  • Provides protection against ‘bottoming-out’ during transfer, repositioning and whilst in the inclined/fowler position.
  • Provides exceptional comfort, support for repositioning and patient care.
  • Premium quality, high performance foam.
Firm Base Layer


  • 4-way stretch for shear protection.
  • Vapor permeable and breathable.
  • Flexible and gentle to the skin.
  • Fire retardant, meets BS 6807 ignition source 5 and BS 7175 ignition source 5 standards.
  • Anti-microbial protection, resistant to patient body fluids.

Heavy Duty PVC Base

  • Durable
  • Protects foam core against the bed base.
  • Reduces shearing forces by sliding against bed base as the bed profiles.
  • Meets fire retardant specifications: ASTM D6413 PASS, AS1441.13 – PASS, AS1530.3-1999 – 14, 0, 0, 5.


Overall Dimensions King Single: 1960 x 1050 x 150mm
Extra Wide: 1960 x 1150 x 150mm
Double: 1960 x 1350 x 1500mm
Queen: 1960 x 1480 x 150mm
King: 1960 x 1780 x 150mm
SWL 300kg
Warranty 2 years



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