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Quickie GP/GPV Rigid Wheelchair

Adjustable for performance and function.


Adjustability in a solid, rigid frame.

The Quickie GPV model is fully adjustable and offers a solid, rigid frame ride. The Quickie GPV has been engineered to maximise both function and performance and to minimise effort for the rider. An extensive variety of options and accessories make this model with its one piece welded frame a great selection.


“V” front end on the GPV

70 Degree angled “V” front end to hold legs in a tighter position and provide exceptional maneuverability.



Seat height, centre of gravity, camber adjustment and overall wheel base width can be adjusted quickly through the multipositional axle plate.
The GPV offers a wide selection of wheels, casters, armrests and footplates to meet your clients needs.

Folding backrest

Folding backrest

Adjustable, folding backrest allows the ability to customize for optimal positioning of upper extremities and tray mounting.

Tapered and Swing-Away Front Frame Options

Tapered and Swing-Away Front Frame Options

The GP’s multiple front frame options and angles give you the positioning you need without having to sacrifice a rigid frame. Choose between the standard GP, tapered GPV for increased maneuverability, or the GP Swing-Away for easy transfers and the option of elevating legrests.


Width: SW + 7.7″
Seat Width: 12 – 22″ (30.5 – 56 cm (+ / – 2 cm) GP Swing-Away: 12 – 20″ (30.5 – 51 cm))
Seat Depth: 12 – 22″ (30.5 – 56 cm (+ / – 2 cm)
Front seat height: 15.5 – 23″ (39 – 60 cm)
Rear seat height: 14.5 – 20.5″ (37 – 52 cm)
Seat Angle:
Backrest Height: Non-Folding: 8 – 20″ (20 – 51 cm) Folding: 11 – 20″ (28 – 51 cm)
Backrest Angle: 82° – 94°
Frame Inset: V angle with GPV
Camber: 0 – 11°
Colours: 28 colours and axle plate in 6 colours
Frame Type: 60°, 70°, 75°, 80°
Maximum User Weight: 113 kg (140 kg via B4Me)
Total Weight:
from 11 kg
Crash Tested This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19 / WC19.



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