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Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair

All-Terrain Wheelchair.


The Hippocampe is a collapsible, lightweight leisure wheelchair designed for the enjoyment of outdoor activities. Easy to move due to its light weight and clever minimalistic design, the wheelchair also features innovative double width wheels to make travelling on sand a breeze. A low seat position allows for easy accessibility and sturdy construction ensures it can tackle both rough terrain and water – it even floats!. Sleeving on the aluminium tube frame helps prevent it getting too hot in the sun, while stringent safety and resistance testing ensures the Hippocampe is a reliable and highly functional piece of equipment!

A complete Hippocampe kit includes push bar, armrests, headrest, adjustable folding backrest, tow rope, carry bag, brakes, carry bag & chest harness.


Features –

  • Push Bar: anodised aluminium tubing (high wearing, corrosion, and heat resistance).
  • Twin Tyre: for higher adaptability on soft grounds.
  • Seat: comfortable hydrophobic foam.
  • Chassis: stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Front Tyre: shock absorbent.

Materials –

  • The anodized aluminum tube frame (treated for marine environments) is sheathed in a neoprene foam which prevents the tube from heating in the sun.
  • The seat is made of closed-cell water-resistant foam (it does not absorb water when immersed).
  • The front wheel is low-pressure; the dual rear wheels are all-terrain.
  • Chassis made with seawater resistant stainless steel – UV and cold resistant to  avoid any burns.
  • Wheel axles are made of stainless steel without the need for ball bearings.
  • Non-flammable fabric.

Advantages –

  • All-terrain wheelchair.
  • Safe, comfortable and adjustable.
  • Light and easy to transport.
  • Adaptable to every user (with its many options).
  • Easy and quick assembly (about 5 minutes without any tool).


Seat width: 42cm
Overall width: 67cm
Seat Height: 35cm
Net Weight: 14kgs
Safe Working Load: 130kgs
Wheelchair Length:
Size S = 118cm
Size M = 128cm
Size L = 138cm
Size XL = 153cm



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