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Light Drive2 Mini Wheelchair Drive System

Light Drive² adapts and becomes the Light Drive² Mini.


Light Drive² enables you to motorise your wheelchair very simply, in a few seconds.

Disengage the motor in a single movement, and you can go back to using the wheelchair manually. Experience increased mobility, thanks to a robust and powerful motor system. Light Drive² retains all the capabilities of a manual wheelchair, but radically extends options for getting around.

The LIGHT DRIVE² is adjustable and adapts to various wheelchairs (e.g. when a child grows, or the type of wheelchair is changed).

The LIGHT DRIVE² Mini is installed in less than 20 seconds and is driven with a joystick.

Your wheelchair remains as easy to manoeuvre and use as when it was purely manual. You can also decide, at any time, to use the disengage lever and go back to freewheeling. Thanks to the Light Drive², you can now contemplate climbing steep slopes, riding over grass or travelling on gravel paths and be able to move about effortlessly, as you wish!

The Advantages Light Drive² Mini

  • Instant Installation.
  • Light and Easily Transportable.
  • Adapts to all Wheelchairs.
  • Can be Transported by Plane (12 Ah Lithium Battery).
  • Removable.
  • Discreet and Unobtrusive Design.
  • Colour of Your Choice.
  • Tackles Almost any Terrain.
  • Indoors and Outdoors.

Features & Specifications

Your Premium Power Pack

Power Pack Weight 8.8 kg
Maximum User Weight aqpprox. 120 kg
Maximum Speed 10 km/h (programmable)

Light Drive2

Your Battery

Model 12 Ah 229 Wh Lithium unit
compatible with IATA regulations, in force on 1 January 2020, for air transport.
Weight 4 kg
Range 14 to 20 km
Charging Time  5 to 6 hours
Life Time minimum 1000 cycle (approx. 4 years)

* Actual driving range will vary based on driving and battery conditions.

Light Drive2

Various Colours Available

Brilliant finish to the cups and roller covers and the central sub-assembly.

  • Lime Green
  • Pink
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red

Light Drive2


Light Drive2

Installation & Operation

How it Works

Our power add-on will not change either the overall dimensions of the chair, the folding ability nor the center of balance.

Installation: 20s seconds

Place the power add-on on the hooks of the wheelchair.

Slide the battery rack on the support, the connection is automatic.

Establish the corresponding command on the bracket installed on the wheelchair.


Two motors drive directly the wheels in any direction – no turning and reverse limitations. It is possible to disengage and to roll freely in manual mode.

The initial balance of the wheelchair is kept, a removable anti-tip foot guarantee the stability.



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