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Quickie M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

High strength, heavy duty wheelchair.


The ideal solution for bariatric clients weighing up to 295 kgs

The Quickie® M6 is a Bariatric wheelchair with a weight capacity of 295 kg. The Quickie M6 is made of high strength steel and weighs approximately 24 kg, 26″ x 20″ with pneumatics and hangers. It`s modelled on the Q2, offering function and style options uncommon in a bariatric chair.


Modular, High-Strength Frame

The M6’s modular frame, modeled after the industry favorite Quickie 2, features high strength steel for increased durability. Its interchangeable, heavy duty components accommodate changing conditions with simple parts replacements. Back height is adjustable.

Custom Frame Setup

Each M6 is built to keep you active by individually maximizing comfort and efficiency. Its adjustable axle plate allows for better wheel access, while low seat heights increase access to the floor for foot propulsion. Select from a range of casters, front hangers, back heights and handrims to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Locking Crossbrace and Stabilizer Bar

The M6 utilises a double locking crossbrace and stabiliser bar to minimize frame flex and create a more rigid ride quality. This ensures that more energy transfers directly from your arms or feet to the axles for the most efficient propulsion.


Width:SW + 8.5″ (69 – 98 cm)
Seat Width:22 -30″ (56 – 75 cm)
Seat Depth:18 – 22″ (45 – 55 cm)
Front seat height:18.5 – 20″ (47 – 50 cm)
Rear seat height:18.5 – 19.5″ (47 – 49.5 cm)
Seat Angle:
Backrest Height:17 – 20″ (42.5 – 51 cm)
Colours:4 colours
Frame Type:60º
Maximum User Weight:295 kg
Total Weight:24 kg



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