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Bodypoint Chest Belt

Bodypoint’s® redesigned Chest Belt is now an even more comfortable and low-profile option for users with limited hand function or those who prefer chest support without a buckle.

Our new, flexible molded end-tab is easy to grab and rests comfortably against the chest. Upgraded hook-and-loop material holds securely but is smooth to the touch and won’t trap dirt.

Like other Bodypoint® supports, the Chest Belt is made of premium materials for durability. It can be machine-washed and dried, using hot water up to 60°C /140°F.

Whenever a chest belt or other anterior trunk support is used, a hip belt should also be worn to prevent sliding.


Bodypoint Chest Belt is designed for users with limited hand function.


Maximum usable length: 117cm (46”)

Webbing width: 5cm (2”)


Cushioning Slip-on Pads

Adding comfort to our basic non-padded belts, Slip-On Pads provide greater pressure distribution across the bony areas of the pelvis and their rounded edge binding avoids skin irritation. They maintain their shape even with heavy use and have non-wrinkling, flexible fabric to resist dirt and grime. Each pad has a series of loops for feeding the belt and maintaining attachment.
If these pads will be used all day, or for positioning rather than comfort, we recommend ordering a 2-Point or 4-Point Padded Belt instead.

PD305 / PD304-2:
Fits 2.5cm (1 in) webbing, pads are 20cm (8 in) long

PD305 / PD305-2:
Fits 4cm (1 1/2 in) webbing, pads are 25cm (10 in) long

PD306 / PD306-2:
Fits 5cm (2 in) webbing, pads are 30.5cm (12 in) long



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