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Swifty Paediatric Lightweight Stroller

A stable, comfortable paediatric wheelchair with a fixed seat; it can withstand the many stresses of day-to-day life and is quickly ready for use.

Swifty offers numerous advantages in positioning, versatility and aesthetics. It has been meticulously designed to improve the lives of children with mild to moderate postural seating needs.

The Swifty – while complex in its construction – offers more positioning options than most and is lightweight, versatile and uncomplicated to use. Simple adjustment functions to the seat, backrest and footrest make it easy to operate and quick to fold away.


Key Features:

  • Seat, back and footrest provide safe and firm support
  • Easy, practical multi-adjustment seat functions for maximum comfort
  • Seat depth adjustable without tools – even while the child is sitting in the Swifty
  • Height adjustable weight bearing flip-up footplate
  • Solid front swivel (18cm) and 25cm rear wheels
  • Lightweight, aluminum folding frame for ease of transport
  • Easy care, breathable, washable fabric


Why should you choose Swifty?

Good and stable sitting

The seat, back and footrest provide safe and firm support are a convenient place to sit for the child


Comfortable movement and sitting for the child a modest rest position for relaxation can be set the washable seat cover is soft and breathable – preventing perspiration and providing a thoroughly cozy feeling

Adjustment & handling

To simplify use, the seat depth can be easily adjusted without tools the footrest, and thus the lower leg length, is infinitely adjustable.


The height-adjustable footrest can be folded closed lets the child get in and out independently


The parents involved in the development paid attention to an attractive, non-nonsense appearance are very satisfied with the results and the ease of handling.

Technical data

1. back height 2. lower leg length 3. seat depth 4. seat width 5. overall width 6. push bar height 7. shoulder height

Seat depth 3 (with seat minimizer) 22 (17 cm) – 28.5 cm / 8.7 (6.9) – 11.2″
Seat width 4 (with seat minimizer) 34 cm (23 cm) / 13.4″ (9.1″)
Back height 1 62 cm / 24.4″
min. shoulder height 7 (with seat minimizer) 37 cm (26 cm) / 14.6″ (10.2″)
Lower leg length 2 (with seat minimizer) 16 (12 cm) – 33 cm / 6.3 (4.7″) – 13″
Hip angle 90° to 115°
Foot angle 90°
Seat tilt-in-space fix +15°
Size of foot rest (w x d) 31 x 18 cm / 12.2 x 7.1″
Push bar height 6 80 – 119 cm / 31.5 – 46.9″
Wheel size swivel wheels (front) 18 cm / 7.1″
Wheel size (rear) 25 cm / 9.8″
Overall width 5 61 cm / 24″
Overall dimensions (w x h x l) 61 x 102 x 98 cm / 24 x 40.2 x 38.6″
Folded dimensions (w x h x l) 61 x 38 x 73 cm / 24 x 15 x 28.7″
Weight 12.4 kg / 27.3 lb
Carrying capacity 35 kg / 77.2 lb



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