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Soft Combi P

Basic positioning with comfort.


The Soft Combi P is designed for users with basic positioning needs.

Clinical Application:
– Designed for clients with symmetrical posture needing minimum to moderate postural support.
– Provides moderate lateral stability as well as moderate forward/rearward stability.
– Low risk of skin breakdown.
– Independent weight shifts.


  • Premoulded incontinence resistant coated foam base.
  • Deeper leg trough and medial thigh and trocantic support.
  • Easy-clean sealed foam with black incontinence cover.
  • Flat base.
  • Option of solid seat insert for sling seat use.
  • Moisture-Resistant Cover with No-Slip Bottom

    A moisture-resistant cover further assists with incontinence management by protecting the Soft Combi P’s foam base from moisture build-up. Its no-slip surface keeps the cushion in place during use and transfers.


    Product Width 35.5, 40.6, 43.2, 45.7, 48.3, 50.8, 55.9, 61 cm
    (14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24″)
    Product Depth 35.5 – 50.8 cm, 55.9 cm, 61cm
    (14 – 20″, 22″, 24″)
    Product Height 7.6 cm
    User Weight 113 kg under 22″
    136 kg over 22″
    Product Total Weight 1.98 kg
    Cushion Type Contoured Soft Foam
    Cover Type Incontinence

    Specifications may vary based upon configuration.




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