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Rovi A3 MPS Mini Maxx Power Wheelchair

Multi-Position Power Standing System.


The all NEW MPS Mini Maxx – Multi-Position Power Standing System is now available exclusively on the ROVI A3 base.

The innovative, highly adjustable MPS Mini Maxx system combines a power standing function with a full range of power positioning solutions, all in a compact design that offers our smallest clients a unique combination of independence, function and accessibility.

Our MPS Mini Maxx system ( Group 3 under Medicare Guidelines) combines enhanced mobility with the option to achieve a standing position throughout the day, expanding the opportunity for increased frequency of weight bearing positions and the potential to benefit from numerous medical benefit ts that weight bearing positions may provide, including better bone health, greater joint mobility, enhanced renal/bowel function and pain management.


System Features:

Removable Chest Bar — The removable, height and depth adjustable Chest Bar is designed to safely secure the user while standing and offers angle adjustable depth to accommodate asymmetries. This feature can be removed or stowed to the side of the arm rest for transfer or when not in use.

Chest Strap — The center-pull, push button adjustable 2 Point Padded Mini Chest Strap is height adjustable and provides anterior positioning support. Removable Knee Block — The angle, height and depth adjustable Knee Block is
designed to safely secure the user while standing and optionally offers 2″ of independent height and depth adjustability to accommodate asymmetries.

Pelvic Belt — The center-pull, push button adjustable Lap Belt is fl at mounted and provides anterior pelvic support.

Forward-locking Suspension System — Motion Concepts’ Forward-locking Suspension System offers additional stability and safety by locking front suspension arms as the standing function is engaged. When system is not in a standing position the ROVI A3’s ARC suspension is fully functioning for maximum performance and climbing capability.

OnTraxx Enhanced Driving Module — This standard feature on MPS Mini System decreases the number of user driver control commands and maintains the wheelchair on its intended course when going over uneven or sloping terrain


From sit to stand the MPS’ Mini ESR Extended Shear Reduction and foot platform are synchronized to provide a smooth transition with minimal shear.

Seat depth is adjusted at the rear of the system to maintain a consistent relationship between the body’s natural pivots at the user’s knees and feet for a smooth standing motion.

Maxx Style Ultra Track allows for mounting of lateral thoracic supports and other positioning accessories.

Maxx Style Ultra Rail offers slotted design for mounting of positioning accessories such as lateral, knee or hip supports for additional support and stability.

Active Ride Control (ARC) independent suspension system and powerful 4-pole motors work together to provide superior climbing ability and uncompromising stability with a smooth, powerful ride.


The MPS Mini’s Retractable Knee Block Mount and Storage Bracket allows the Knee Block to be removed and stored on the side of the system when the standing feature is not being used for a clean, uncluttered appearance.


Base Specifications

Suspension System Active Ride Control (ARC)
Base Width 65 cm (25.5″)
Base Length 93 cm (36.5″)
Drive Wheel Size 35.5 cm (14″)
Caster Wheel Size (front/rear) 15 cm (6″)
Base Only Turning Radius 52 cm (20.5″)
Drivetrain 4-pole EAD Motors
Batteries 2 x M34
Battery Charger 8A, Stand Alone
Range 28 km 917.7 miles)
Base Weight (inc. batteries) 107 kg (236 lb)
Ground Clearance 7.5 cm 93″)
Maximum Speed w/MPS System 9.3 km/h (5.8 mph)

†) Actual driving range and speed may vary due to factors such as user weight, type and grade of terrain, battery
condition & charge level; type and condition of the drive wheels, and variations in the drive and control systems.

System Features

CG Tilt 45°
Recline with ESR* 165°
Standing Yes
Power Adjustable Seat Height 17.8 cm (7″)
Power Elevating Belt Drive Center Mount Articulated Foot Platform Yes
Seat Width Adult: 40.5 – 50.5 cm (16 – 20″)

Mini: 30 – 43 cm (12 – 17″)

Seat Depth Adult: 40.5 – 50.5 cm (16 – 20″)

Mini: 30 – 43 cm (12 – 17″)

Seat-to-Floor As low as 47 cm (18.5″)
Weight Capacity Adult: 113 kg (250 lb)

Mini: 90 kg (200 lb)

MPS System Weight 95 kg (210 lb)

Specifications may vary based upon configuration.

* ESR = Extended Shear Reduction

Colour Options

Rovi A3 MPS Mini Maxx Colour Options



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