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Quickie TS Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Lightweight folding or rigid frame wheelchair.


The premier folding paediatric tilt-in-space chair

The Zippie TS tilt-in-space chair is a lightweight wheelchair that is available in either a folding or rigid style frame. The Zippie TS has built-in-frame growth in both seat depth and seat width with a wider variety of options and is able to accept many seating and positioning solutions. The Zippie TS also comes with the True Fit Program, a complete growth package for free.




The Zippie TS has a Tilt-in-Space of up to 45 degrees. Also available
with Foot Release Tilt Actuator,
which eliminates exposed cables.

Growth Capabilities

Growth Capabilities

Ability to grow the chair frame as the child’s needs change.
The Zippie TS™ has the ability to grow in both seat depth and seat width.

Folding and Rigid Frame Options

Folding and Rigid Frame Options

Optional Folding Frame is a lightweight welded frame construction which allows the frame to compress into a small package, is ideal for transportability
and storage in tight places.


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Width: 18.25 – 24.25″ (46.5 – 61.5 cm) depending on configuration
Length .34″ (86 cm)
Seat Width: 10 – 18″ (25.5 – 46 cm)
Seat Depth: 13 – 20″ (33 – 51 cm)
Front seat height: 15.5 – 20″ (39 – 51 cm)
Rear seat height: 15.5 – 20″ (39 – 51 cm)
Tilt Angle: 45º
Backrest Height: 16 – 26″ (40 – 66 cm)
Backrest Angle: 85° – 120°
Lower Leg Length: 6 – 19″ (15 – 48 cm)
Additional Grow Depth: True fit growth
Frame Angle 60°- 80° swing-in/ out & 70°/ 80°/ 90° SA
Frame Type: Tilting / Folding
Maximum User Weight: 75 kg
Total Weight: 13.2 kg



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