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Quickie SR45 Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Provides proper positioning and comfort.


Features 45 degrees of patented and proven rotation-in-space technology

The Quickie SR45 is the newest member of the acclaimed Quickie tilt-in-space family. It features 45 degrees of patented and proven rotation-in-space technology, a durable base and a streamlined targeted offering of key clinical options. Pre-configured for ease of ordering.


Proven Rotation-In-Space Technology

When Intelligent Rotation In Space (IRIS) technology first appeared, it revolutionized the concept of a tilt wheelchair. The technology eliminated long wheel-bases and a complex mechanical tilt mechanism by rotating the seat frame around the user’s centre-of-gravity. Rotation-in-space, including the SR45, are easy to maneuver and operate.

Smart Option Mix

SR45 comes standard with:
• Non folding back canes
• Height adjustable back with adjustable stroller handles
• Foot tilt
• Transit tie downs
• Dual post height adjustable flip back with full length arm pads
• 70` Swing in/ out hangers, solid seat pan and rear anti tips
• Composite foot plates


Seat Width: 14- 20″ (36 – 51 cm )
Seat Depth: 14- 22″ (36 – 56 cm)
Front seat height: 14- 20.5″ (36 – 52 cm)
Rear seat height: 14- 20.5″ (36 – 52 cm)
Seat Angle: 0º – 45º
Backrest Height: 15 – 21″ (38 – 53.5 cm) or 18 – 24″ (45.5 – 61 cm)
Armrest Height 200mm
Colours: Black
Maximum User Weight: 120 kg
Total Weight:
18 kg
Crash Tested This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19 / WC19.



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