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P-SS-21 Silicone pillow

The Silicone Pillow prevents the pathological deformities and neck muscle contractures. The pillow filling guarantees the highest comfort of use. The pillow has a soft, skin-friendly white terry cover. The STABILObed® system is universal, that is why the pillow can also be used for supporting the limbs in the supine position or as a separator used between knees or ankle joints in the lateral position. To place the user in the lateral, semi-lateral or supine position, it is recommended to use the STABILObed® pillows together with the self-adhesive wedges (K-SS-02) or shaped wedges (K-SS-08).



Helps to put the patient in a safe position and supports the anti-bedsore prophylaxis.









43 cm

66 cm


Structure –

P-SS-21 Silicone pillow


  1. Terry cover
  2. Silikon

Filling –

vismemo There are special cotton bags inside of most of the STABILObed® cushions. They are filled with granules which perfectly adapt to the user’s anatomy. The bag is made of cotton fabric which is certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and the granules have obtained the PZH certificate.
silikon Silicone – this filling consists of silicone fibers in the round shape with 0,5 cm diameter. The air in the fibers provides great ventilation, preventing sweating. The cushion perfectly adapts to the anatomical shape of the user’s body, it is very soft and light. It is pressure-resistant even under the influence of a long-term pressure.


Connecting Elements

P-SS-21 Silicone pillowP-SS-21 Silicone pillow



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