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Otter Bathing System

Supportive and highly adjustable chair enable carers to wash a child more easily. Can also be used outside of the bath.


The highly supportive Otter Bath Chair is part of a flexible and adjustable bathing system that enables children to be washed more easily.

With a removable fabric seat cover (for washing purposes), the plastic chair can act as a simple support frame in or out of the bath. With an adjustable backrest, the seat is the ideal support for any child with complex requirements.


  • Plastic frame with a choice of standard or soft removable and washable fabric.
  • Standard Fabric: Vinyl covered nylon dries easily.
  • Soft Fabric: Polyester knit fabric includes a trunk strap to assist in lateral support.
  • Features additional padding between the fabric and Otter frame.
  • Angle-adjustable seat and back have five angle adjustments at 0°, 22 5°, 45°, 67 5° and 90°.
  • Seat and back Uni-Bars provide one-handed angle adjustments.
  • Adjustments can be made with user seated in chair
  • Height- and width-adjustable head cushions offer support and comfort.
  • They can also be used as lateral supports.
  • Removable positioning straps can be placed anywhere along the length of the frame.
  • Leg straps control abduction and adduction.
  • Adjustable slip-resistant legs raise chair up to 17.8cm (7″).
  • Folds flat for easy storage.


Seat Depth 33cm (13”) 33cm (13”) 42cm (16.5”)
Seat Width 36.8cm (14.5”) 36.8cm (14.5”) 36.8cm (14.5”)
Back Height 45.7cm (18”) 63.5cm (25”) 81.3cm (32”)
Seat Height 12.7cm-17.8cm (2”- 7”) 12.7cm-17.8cm (2”- 7”) 12.7cm-17.8cm (2”- 7”)
Overall Outside Width 43.2cm (17”) 43.2cm (17”) 43.2cm (17″)
Overall Outside Length 92.7cm (36.5”) 106.7cm (42”) 127cm (50”)
User Height Up to 36” 91.4cm – 127cm (32”- 50”) 116.8cm – 172.7cm (46”- 68”)
Product Weight 5kg (11 lbs). 5.45kg (12 lbs). 6.4kg (14 lbs).
Weight Limit 27.3kg (60 lbs). 54.45kg (120 lbs). 72.58kg (160 lbs).



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