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Magic Mobility Extreme XT2 Power Wheelchair

When the journey is your destination.

Enjoy the exceptional range and comfort you need to journey all day long. The XT2 is designed for extensive outdoor travel, allowing you to explore more than ever before. Benefit from the stability of a long wheelbase rear-wheel drive with fully independent suspension. Equipped with powerful motors and long-range batteries, it offers precise maneuverability with servo-powered, joystick-controlled steering. Personalized seating options and various features and accessories ensure a comfortable and capable outdoor journey.


  • Powerful Motors: Two 850W gear inline motors.
  • Long Range: All-day travel capability with 10 km/h top speed.
  • Independent Suspension: Patented front and rear suspension for stability and comfort.
  • Precise Control: Servo-powered steering with a joystick for reliable maneuvering.
  • Customization Options: Available in multiple colours and styles.
  • Australian Made: Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, splash-resistant, but not waterproof.


Feature Specification
Length of base 1105mm / 43.5″ (*legrest choice and seating size may increase chair length/width)
Width of base 685mm / 27″
Floor to top of seat pan height 480mm / 19″
Weight limit 136kg / 300lbs
Top speed 10kph / 6.2mph
Top speed at full seat elevation 5kph / 3.1mph
Turning Radius 1750mm / 69″
Minimum chair weight (no power lift) 177kg / 390lb
Standard chair weight (with power lift, tilt, recline & legrests) 212kg / 467lb
Motors 2 x 850W, Gear In line
Motor IP rating 54 (splash resistant but not waterproof) The wheelchair has electric motors and must not be driven through water, into rivers, creeks or the sea.
Wheels Urban pneumatic 14″ x 3″ black
Batteries 115Ahr (C20)
Controller R-Net controller with LCD display or LED option
Legrest options Centre post, manual elevating, power/manual elevating swingaway, centre mount power elevating
Backrest and seat Adjustable seat pan (12”/305mm deep to 24”/610mm wide) to fit MPS / Rehab or aftermarket seating options
Colours 3 colours standard
Tie down points Crash test compliant



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