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J2 Plus Backrest Wheelchair Back

Superior positioning and support for bariatric clients.



Superior positioning and support for bariatric clients

The JAY® J2™ Plus Back is a bi-angular backrest specifically designed to address the pelvic and trunk stability needs of bariatric clients.


Adjustable Back Width

Bariatric patients often experience fluctuations in body width. To accommodate these changes, the Jay® J2 Plus Back incorporates adjustable sliding hardware. This, along with a moveable growth plate that is used to contain excess tissue, provides up to 3 inches in width adjustment.

Bi-angular Back

Excess posterior tissue often tends to push bariatric patients away from the backrest. Anterior tissue pulls them forward and down. By providing a bi-angular back that angles away from the patients’ PSIS, the Jay® J2 Plus Back maintains spinal contact and promotes thoracic extension without requiring a correction in seat depth.

Custom Positioning Options

Like many patients, bariatric patients often have special positioning requirements. The Jay® J2 Plus Back addresses these requirements with optional headrest-mounting hardware, fixed lateral pads, swing-away lateral pads, spinal fluid pads, and pelvic positioning inserts.


Width 20 – 26″
Height 20.5″
Maximum User Weight 294 kg
Support Level pelvic and trunk stability support for bariatric clients
Cover Type AirExchange™
Contour bi-angular backrest

Specifications may vary based upon configuration.



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