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J2 DC Backrest Wheelchair Back

Pelvic and trunk positioning back support.


Pelvic and trunk positioning back support

Designed for back support that provides both pelvic and trunk positioning. This back is for a client with moderate trunk and pelvic positioning needs.


Contoured Shell and Foam

The J2 DC Back features a mildly curved shell for posterior pelvic and mild lateral thoracic stability. Its contoured foam insert distributes pressure over a wider area to increase comfort and reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

Optional Lateral Thoracic Supports

For customisable support, the J2 backs offer optional lateral thoracic pads. Available with either a curved or flat shape and fixed or swing-away hardware, lateral thoracic supports accommodate existing and help prevent the development of asymmetrical postures.

AirExchange Cover

The J2’s AirExchange cover promotes airflow and dissipates heat and moisture, keeping the client clean and dry.


Width 12 – 19″
Height 17.5 – 18″
Depth 6″
Maximum User Weight 113 kg
Cover Type Air Exchange

Specifications may vary based upon configuration.



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