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Dreamline Pro Backrest

The Dreamline Pro Backrest has a lightweight carbon fibre rigid shell combined with the compact “U2″ quick-release hardware offering easy & reliable support for active users. The low lumbar to mid-thoracic height options encourage a mid-line posture whilst enabling unhindered upper body movement.

A typical 18” Dreamline Pro Backrest weighs only 1.3kg including all attachment hardware. The lifting weight of the backrest is only 870gms.


Lightweight and rigid with a compact “U2” quick-release.



The ultralight carbon fibre shell is very strong & enables a controlled flex to move with the user.


The all new Dreamline “U2” quick-release attachment system is very durable, compact & easy to use. Because this hardware does not require much clearance space, the unique quick-release design enables the backrest hardware to be installed close to wheelchair cross members or other obstructions on the wheelchair frame & still operate easily. Backrest angles up to a massive 60 degrees (+/- 30 degees) are able to be set & asymmetrical positions may be achieved to accommodate complex postures such as pronounced kyphosis etc.


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