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GyroSet™ Vigo Headset

Gyroset™ Vigo is a proportional, wireless headset that enables users to control their powered wheelchairs smoothly with their head movements.


Compatible with PG’s OMNI, OMNI 2 and IOM Module, Invacare/Dynamic’s new Linx systemand Quantum‘s Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display or SCIM Module

Super sensitive – use it even with the smallest head movements

Works with any external switch you prefer, but our Headrest Sensor is included in the kit

Re-calibrate neutral position any time

Access seating, speed and profile menu with the infrared sensor, adjust each setting easily

Activate – deactivate drive mode easily


Gyro Headset

The smoothest proportional head control available on the market

Wireless Bluetooth technology

Extremely short training period required

Customizable settings (all angles and sensitivity) for each individual’s needs in the free software

Built-in emergency stop functions

Up to 14 hours battery life


Gyro Headset

Compatible with PG’s R-Net controller (via the OMNI Speciality Control Interface or IOM Input/Output Module), Invacare/Dynamic’s new Linx system (via the DLX-IN500 input module), and Quantum‘s Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display or SCIM Module

Can be connected via our Gyroset™ Link interface and Cubo Bluetooth receiver and display (both included in the box)

Visual (LED) and audio feedback

Connect any external switch via 3.5mm jack plug

Battery life: up to 14 hours

Weight: 17 grams

6 axis sensor array

USB charging


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