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Dreamline STX2 Wheelchair Cushion

The Dreamline STX2 cushion is a highly supportive, deep contoured, gel fluid cushion with abundant positioning options, for the less active user with mild to severe asymmetrical positioning requirements.

The Dreamline STX2 cushion has a deep contour profile and incorporates advanced positioning options for symmetrical to severely asymmetrical postures. Pressure redistribution is effective through its patented cluster gel fluid packs, which are neatly hidden in a unique secure zip-up compartment. A soft comfort wrap together with the FLO2™ fabric facilitates immersion and longterm comfort.


  • Immediate Comfort: The soft comfort wrap with the new FLO2™ fabric gives superior immersion and long-term sitting comfort.
  • Stability: A firm, mildly contoured positioning base with a deep well, providing active users with a stable base of support.
  • Pressure Protection: Large dual cluster gel fluid packs nestled in 3cm of Enduro foam provides effective protection from skin breakdown, all secured within the FLO2™ cover for extra protection during transfers.


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