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Ryno Tub Chair

Inspired by iconic designs, the Ryno Tub Chair delivers the function and safety required for challenging environments. The Ryno Tub Chair is ideal for mental health, correctional and hospital facilities where durability, ergonomics and quality are paramount.


  • Durable polyethylene construction: Difficult to weaponize, strong one-piece design.
  • Flowing contoured design: Prevents easy lifting.
  • Ergonomically designed for excellent comfort.
  • UV stabilized and water-resistant for outdoor use.
  • Anti-microbial material provides full product protection.
  • Easy to clean with chemical resistance.
  • Optional floor fixing and linking.
  • Weight options: Unweighted at 15kg or weighted to 75kg for deterrence.
  • Choose from 10 therapeutic colors.
  • Lifetime guarantee with 10mm material thickness.
  • Suitable for challenging environments.
  • Tested for COVID-19 resistance.
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