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Oxford Ascend Stand-Aid Lift

With its excellent range of movement, the Oxford® Ascend can transfer a patient from a low-seated position to fully standing with ease. Its active lifting motion is designed to encourage user participation, promoting ongoing patient independence and well-being.

The Ascend gives the option of both a standing and a transport sling to help the carer perform a variety of tasks including; toileting, standing, point to point transfers, and walking and rehabilitation activity. The Ascend is compact and easy to operate which makes it easy to operate in confined spaces.


Safe working load: 200 kgs
Maximum overall length: 1100 mm
Minimum overall length: 1000 mm
Maximum overall height: 1710 mm
Minimum overall height: 1070 mm
Maximum height to attachment point: 1665 mm
Minimum height to attachment point:
Turning radius: 1320 mm
Legs open – external width: 995 mm
Legs open – internal width: 885 mm
Legs closed – external width: 630 mm
Legs closed – internal width: 510 mm
Overall height of legs: 120 mm
Ground clearance: 35 mm
Front twin castors: 100 mm
Rear braked castors: 100 mm



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