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Finding the Right Chair for your Indoor Seating Needs

There was so much excitement at ATSA around the Cura Contour chair, so this month’s focus is on finding the Right Chair for Your Indoor Seating Needs.

Discovering the right chair for indoor seating is important for people with physical disabilities who require special support and comfort. After a tiring day at school or work, everyone looks forward to coming home and relaxing in their favourite seat. However, finding the right chair can be challenging for individuals with limited mobility. Indoor seating options provide various benefits, including comfort, relaxation, adaptive support, and greater independence within the home.

Floor Sitters

There are different types of indoor seating options available. Floor sitters allow individuals to remain seated down low with siblings/peers. They have contoured bucket-style seats that provide stability and support for the trunk, mainly using rearward tilt angle and gravity to provide postural management.


Hi-Lo Chairs

Hi-Lo chairs and school chairs are suitable for activities like homework or table-related tasks. They offer supportive seating and easy transitions between different postures. Some chairs, like the Rifton Activity Chair, have a hi-lo base with the tilt-in-space feature, allowing for standing transfers and adjusting the chair’s height to match various table heights.


Specialist Chairs

One notable indoor seating option is the Cura Contour Chair, which appears like a regular lounge chair but offers much more. It is highly adjustable, with 25 different adjustment points, making it suitable for individuals with moderate to complex needs. This specialist care and positioning chair provides superior comfort and pressure relief via ingenious design, and can be used as part of a 24-hour postural management program. The Cura Contour includes sizes for both adults and children.


Options to Consider

Factors like growth and angle adjustments, padded surfaces, support requirements, base size, mobility options, and ease of use must be considered when choosing indoor seating. The right chair is crucial for individuals with physical disabilities, ensuring comfort, support, independence, and relaxation.

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