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A robust stander with a choice of five prone positions from 45° to 85°.


Prone for success with this angle adjustable stander

Available in three sizes, the LECKEY Pronestander is a positional stander designed to accommodate for a large growth range from 1-18 years of age.

Offering a range of standard features including individually adjustable chest, hip, knee and sandal supports ensures this pediatric stander meets a large range of postural needs.

Perfect for use in any classroom, therapy room, or at home the LECKEY Pronestander gives individuals the postural support combined with the benefits of standing therapy in their daily lives.


5 Prone Positions

The LECKEY Pronestander frame is a robust therapy stander designed with a choice of five incremental and secure prone positions from 45° to 85° which are easy to adjust to suit the child’s postural needs.

Pelvic positioning

The LECKEY Pronestander offers unique pelvic positioning which is achieved by the fully adjustable pelvic pad and belt. The pelvic pad and belt work together to de-rotate the pelvis, giving the best base of support to stabilise the trunk and head.

Benefits of standing

The LECKEY Pronestander brings standing therapy in a highly adjustable, individualised standing platform. This angle adjustable stander provides all the postural support a seating system offers while also having numerous social and health benefits of standing:

• Improved pressure relief
• Enhance functional reach
• Improved range of motion
• Supporting vital organs and improve circulation
• Promote bone health
• Reduce abnormal muscle tone
• Improve motor abilities
• Improve social interactions

Support made easy

The LECKEY Pronestander comes equipped with an adjustable chest support and flexible laterals that provide excellent trunk support regardless of the prone angle chosen.

A wide range of headrests can also be equipped onto this standing system to provide additional postural support for the head and trunk.


Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Age 1-5 4-10 9-18
User Standing Height 800mm-1151mm (31.4”-45.3”) 1100mm-1448mm (43.3”-57”) 1400mm-1849mm (55.1”-72.7”)
Max. User Weight 60kg (132lbs) 80kg (176lbs) 90kg (198lbs)
Chest Pad Height 470mm-680mm (18.5”-26.7”) 680mm-975mm (26.7”-38.3”) 975mm-1350mm (38.3”-53.1”)
Prone Angles 85°, 75°, 65°, 55°, 45°
Width between Chest Laterals 152mm-254mm (5.9”-10”) 203mm-305mm (7.9”-12”) 254mm-356mm (10”-14”)
Tray Sizes 540mmx385mm (21.2”x15.1”) 580mmx410mm (22.8”x16.1”) 645mmx460mm (25.3”x18.1”)




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