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Leckey Squiggles TT Stander

Introducing the evolutionary Squiggles TT, an early intervention standing frame designed for children aged 1-5 years.

This innovative device facilitates Targeted Training, significantly enhancing trunk control. Key features include fully horizontal loading in supine position, a dynamic base for Targeted Training, and a conversion kit for existing Squiggles+ users. The snug, supportive trunk and pelvic wraps ensure effective Targeted Training at each trunk segment. The Squiggles TT takes trunk control to a new level, promoting improved stability and mobility in young children.


  • Fully horizontal loading in a supine position provides stability and support during transfers.
  • The dynamic base for Targeted Training facilitates improved trunk control.
  • The conversion kit for Squiggles+ users enhances existing standing programs.
  • Snug, supportive trunk and pelvic wraps promote effective Targeted Training.
  • Horizontal support adds stability.
  • Larger medial knee supports increase comfort.
  • The padded tray supports upper thoracic Targeted Training.
  • The device is replicable by parents and carers, ensuring consistent use.


Leckey Squiggles TT Details
Age (approx) 1–5
Max User Weight 22kg/48.4lbs
User Height Min 730mm / 28.5 inches, Max 1100mm / 43.3 inches
Chest Support Angle adjustment +/- 30°, Depth adjustment 50mm / 2 inches
Trunk Support Height (Distance from footplate to armpit) Min 460mm / 18.1 inches, Max 840mm / 33 inches
Trunk / Pelvic Width Min 135mm / 6.25 inches, Max 250mm / 9 inches
Pelvic Support Height (Distance from footplate to mid-buttock) Min 360mm / 14.1 inches, Max 600mm / 23.6 inches
Distance between mid line of knees Min 140mm / 5.5 inches, Max 215mm / 8.4 inches
Footplate Plantarflexion 10°, Dorsiflexion 10°
Pivot chassis angle range 90° – 180°, 90° – 70°
Tray height Supine – Min 480mm / 18.5 inches, Max 825mm / 32.5 inches
Pivot chassis footprint (Minimum dimensions for storage) Min 5.5kg / 12.1lbs, Width 660mm / 21.7 inches, Length 700mm / 27.6 inches, Height 300mm / 11.8 inches
Standard support frame (Minimum dimensions for storage) Min 7kg / 15.4lbs, Width 380mm / 15.4 inches, Length 890mm / 26.8 inches, Height 380mm / 15.4 inches



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