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Convaid EZ Rider Lightweight Stroller

This lightweight, compact-folding chair offers upright seating with a 10° fixed seat angle and is perfect for active youngsters. This portable wheelchair comes loaded with standard features as well as a variety of positioning options and accessories to achieve maximum comfort and support.

Standard features include:

  • 10 degree of fixed tilt.
  • Self-tensioning seating system.
  • 5 years growth capabilities.
  • 4 Seat widths available.
  • Seat depth and growth adjustment.
  • Seat to footrest adjustment.


The perfect chair for active children and teenagers. It is lightweight, compact-folding and convenient.

An EZ Rider Story

90% of all disabilities are not visible. Millions of Americans are living with chronic illnesses and physical limitations. But despite these alarming numbers many people living with these invisible disabilities are continually judged because they “look so healthy.” Such is the case for my 12-year-old daughter. She lives with an invisible disorder that causes fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, and problems with regulating her body temperature with exposure to heat and cold, to name a few. On the outside most days she looks happy and healthy. You see her on good day at school, walking short distances between classes, smiling and laughing with her friends and even playing tag at recess. What you don’t see is that my child can’t keep up with yours. She takes lots of breaks and is skilled adapting the way she plays to conserve energy. This is when Sara’s Convaid EZ Rider is indispensable.


  • 10° Fixed Tilt Provides upright posture to enhance functional positioning.
  • Built to Order To your specifications to meet each individual’s physical needs.
  • Multiple Upholstery Styles & Colors Removable, washable Cordura or Textilene available in various colors.
  • Self-Tensio® Built in self-tensioning seating system increases sitting tolerance.
  • 5-year growth capabilities: Adjustable seat depth extends chair life for a growing child.




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