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BODYMAP® DZ Triangular Headrest

Easily mounted neck support.


BodyMap® DZ is a triangular orthopedic headrest for head and neck support which can be easily shaped to the patient’s head. It can be mounted on most of the wheelchairs, positioning chairs as well as standing frames.

One side of the BodyMap® DZ headrest is laminated with high quality elastic polyester whereas the second one is laminated with a self-adhesive fabric which makes it possible to attach various elements with the use of Velcro to it. Thanks to that function, stabilizing the patient’s head or mounting the headrest in any place, e.g. in a stroller, chair or car seat, is now possible. Additionally, the self-adhesive function prevents the headrest from moving.

If the product is placed on a hospital bed, it is necessary to use a special bed sheet with a self-adhesive function produced by REH4MAT®.

NOTE: Each BodyMap® product can be custom-made.


  • Cerebral palsy
  • Bedsore prophylaxis
  • Helps to keep the head in the correct position
  • Myotonia


Key Features:

  • Shaped form lasts for a long time
  • Easy to give a demanded shape
  • Possibility of mounting the headrest in a wheelchair, positioning chair, special needs stroller
  • Optional cover made of VISmemo™ thermoactive foam
  • Self-adhesive function
  • Waterproof

Key Inclusions:

  • Self-adhesive function The headrest is covered with a self-adhesive fabric at the bottom. As a result, various elements can be attached to it with the use of Velcro. This allows you to stabilize the patient’s head or mount the headrest in such places as a stroller, seat or a car.
  • Vacuum pump Handy, small vacuum pump, ideal for small and medium-sized cushions.
  • Repair kit A repair kit is added to each cushion, which consists of a tube of neoprene glue, a set of patches and an instruction manual.
  • Valve with chain The pump valve is small and easy to lose. With the chain you will never have to search for it again.

Suggested Accessories:

What is BodyMap?

BodyMap® products are made of soft, elastic neoprene foam, which perfectly adapts to the patient’s body. With such precise mapping the contact area of the body with the cushion surface is increased, thereby the pressure is reduced. This has a very significant impact in the prevention of bedsores. Thanks to the vacuum technology, it is possible to gradually adjust the level of hardness of the product.

With dual-function pump it is possible to adjust the hardness of the cushion to the individual needs of the patient. They allow precise pumping out of the air in order to achieve the desired hardness. Electric and manual pumps are available.


Available Sizes

A1 – Headrest width – top, A2 – Headrest width – bottom, C – Headrest height, T – Headrest thickness

Size Dimensions [cm] Available colours
Suggested accessories – catalog number
3D Mesh™
Thickness of neoprene
1 20 40 19 4 kolorito + PF/BM-DZ/1 PV/BM-DZ/1 PEL/BM-DZ/1 P3D/BM-DZ/1 5 mm
2 22 42 22 5 kolorito + PF/BM-DZ/2 PV/BM-DZ/2 PEL/BM-DZ/2 P3D/BM-DZ/2 5 mm

Available Designs

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